Saturday, January 1, 2011


What I did in 2010
Moved from Virginia Beach to an amazing home right on the ocean in Nags Head...I wake everyday looking at the water.
Opened a new store with the company I work with and survived
Said goodbye to some friends and met some amazing people here on the island
Lost a few Internet friends and made even more
Vacationed on a cruise ship in Alaska and met an amazing couple and their two children
Spent a romantic weekend in a little town just sightseeing
Lost 30lbs, dropped three dress sizes and have never felt better.... in 2011 30 more to go then I am done
Spent two weeks in Europe seeing amazing sites in London, Finland, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Sweden,Denmark and Dover England. I had the time of my life seeing some new places with my soul mate
Received a Birthday gift to Las Vegas and a love gift to Paris
Received a Christmas present to Italy for 2012 ( cruise ) and only time I have vacation left
Love gift to spend two weeks in Canada ( totally isolated from everything and everybody)
Sipped a cappuccino in a little coffee shop in the most friendliest place in the world Warnemunde Germany
Finally flew with Sir Richard Branson ( Virgin Airlines) and by the way my new favorite airline
Had Sausages and Mash in England
Set up a new studio and am having a wonderful time in my super large studio making new art
And mostly what 2010 was all about....... the love of my life I finally realized needs me as much as I need him
And now onto 2011
What I hope to achieve in 2011
A better relationship with my amazing husband
Travel more and see this huge world we live in. My goal is to fill up our passports before they have to be renewed in 2015
Giving more time to my husband and listening more
Being more patient to everyone
Being a kinder more gentler person
Turning 51 ( oh god did I really just say 51?
Losing that last 30 lbs and then having a mulligan on our Baltic trip and taking the exact same pictures only 60 lbs lighter
Creating more art
Finally using my beautiful Kitchen Aid Mixer I got two years ago and haven't used
At last but not least I hope 2011 brings peace, love, health, happiness, wealth, and above all love to not only everyone I know but everyone on this amazing thing we call world


carol l mckenna said...

Quite an accomplished year ~ Just stopped by to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year to you ~

hugs and namaste,

Sanela McLean said...

That was a very good year for you. Congrats on all your accomplishments. Happy New Year!