Sunday, October 24, 2010

A wonderful weekend

oiy all the photos are out of place okay so here are the smores we had in the garden listening to scary stories at the crowne plaza williamsburg va you will have to click on the pictures to see the story teller. the camera didn't do well with lights in front of me...or was it me not doing it right?

photos are all out of order so I will do my best with what happened...
First after we checked in I saw this poster in the lobby for Friday nights fun. We both decided that after dinner we would make sure we were back in time to see this.

When we got to the garden in back of the hotel it was COLD...but not to worry...we had coats

here we are in the hotel

oops pics out of order....both of us out in the garden waiting on the story teller

rick has to have his pillow everywhere we go.

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Barbra Joan said...

Wow! V totally awesome pictures.. What a great vacation and you both look wonderfull.. healthy and happy ... you know I love you and wish you feel forever the way you both look in these photos...