Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The crowne plaza williamsburg virginia warning graphic photos

Dear owner of the crowne plaza in williamsburg VA ....... you owe me two nights stay in a better room at your hotel. Call me to discuss. lol
I have already contacted their corporate office customer service so let's see how they handle this.

Just to prove we did stay there in that horrible room wow such a pretty shower curtain in my three star hotel room
can you imagine?

Dontcha just love it?

Does this look like a three star Crowne Plaza to you?

First this is how the housekeeper made the bed.... seriously are you kidding me. We should have turned and ran at that point. Rick and I were heading out to do some mega shopping but stopped by the front desk to see if we could switch rooms to a king size bed. No sorry hotel is full there is a William and Mary game going on so no you can't switch. Fine we are here let's go shop

But then....................................... when we came back in time for the Ghost stories this is what we finally saw in our room... Looks like a bullet hole in the ceiling.

There wasn't any soap in the room seriously NO SOAP. fine as we were heading out to the patio to hear the ghost stories we will stop and pick some up. I wanted to add a little bit of make up on and went to grab a tissue. Now this is where you almost have to laugh. The housekeeper took the last two tissues in the box and made a fan out of them to put at the top of the box. ( someone needs to have a long talk with this housekeeper but oh it does get better so keep with me)

Yes, this is the bed post of the Crown Plaza three star hotel in Williamsburg VA room 436

and this would be the desk in this three star crown plaza hotel in williamsburg VA

oh wait could this be the back of the tv that is at least as old as my daughter? why yes it is

and here...... now it is really funny right? no not really. You would think with a name like Crowne Plaza you would get the best. Right? I mean I stay at the Crown Plaza in Natick Mass all the time for business and OMG I love it!!!! this was seriously like staying at motel 6...but wait they leave the light on right?

now this is my favorite..... can you imagine this is the chair for the desk where ...... I would not sit with my laptop if my life depended on it. Dear God this chair should have been thrown out years ago.. but wait it is in room 436 at the three star williamsburg crowne plaza.

ohhhhhh a little ratty carpet never hurt anyone right? but at a three star crowne plaza. hummm

Do you think they just don't care? appears to me that is what is happening

but.................................... isn't this perfection? again a Crowne plaza three star hotel in williamsburg va


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