Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aveda Customer Service is AWESOME

I have been asked many times to give my opinion of products etc and post to this blog. I have refused all requests with the exception of one start up company that was selling silver jewelry and I did it as a favor for the owner.
So my opinions are just that MINE.
A few months ago I purchased a liter of Aveda's pure abundance shampoo. I usually purchase their clove but I had received a sample in my last order, tried it and really liked it so I bought a liter at a store in Norfolk Va...trust me if I could remember the name I would post it but I simply don't.
I brought the shampoo back with me to the island and started using it. UCK is all I can say it wasn't anything like the sample I had tried before. I called customer service at Aveda simply to have it tested to see if something might have happened to the shampoo either at the store I bought it at or perhaps someone had returned it to the store with the wrong product in the bottle and the store simply didn't check it before selling it.
Becky from Aveda ( from here on we will call her amazing becky) was wonderful. Amazing Becky said send the shampoo back to me with my name on it and I will have it tested.
That was about two weeks ago. I sent the shampoo back to Amazing Becky and left for a few days. When Rick and I returned home this past Sunday Amazing Becky had left a message to give her a call.
Not only are they replacing my bottle with a new bottle but they are sending me my favorite Brilliance shampoo as the replacement. Brilliance is more expensive so I said let me pay the difference.......no no no says amazing Becky, I will cover it.
So......... I may pay 46 dollars a bottle for shampoo from Aveda but let me tell you knowing that people like Amazing Becky are at Aveda gives me all the reasoning in the world I need for paying that.
Thanks Aveda you had a customer for life and still do.

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