Sunday, October 24, 2010

one dollar wednesday is right ON the money

just think of the ATC's, cards, scrapbook pages, etc you can make with these.
Here is what I do...... cut it out then use microscope slides and sandwich the image in between. Use gold tape to tape around it and there you have a really cool slide.
Later this week I am making some adorable art with a custom made fairy from Patty at
you simply send a picture to Patty and she can make any picture a fairy or anything else you want. Visit her website and click on the tab for custome orders. YOU gotta see her stuff.
She took an old and I mean old picture of me as a baby and worked miracles with it.
Come back Friday to see it...... but make sure you stop by this Wednesday because the one dollar digi sheet changes and you will want to see this.

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