Friday, February 29, 2008

Things come in TWOS

I have found myself looking and buying things but buying in twos. One for me and one for my sister Miss T. I did it this week at Ikea too. Hummm wonder why that is. I get some free samples but I pick up two. I order things online and I order two. I make things I make like 10 one for me one for Miss T and eight for my online friends if not more. Wow the power of friendship. Just a thought... that is why things come in twos and sometimes
Have a great weekend all my blogger friends


Carla said...

Well, at the rate you make friends, you'd better start making about 100 of everything!! Thanks again for the help on my blog, and watch your mail!

Veronica said...

Oh Carla,
You are so welcome. I truly didn't mind at all. I hope you like the little neo counter I think it is kinda cool to see where everyone is coming from. It is exciting to see when you have visitors from around the world on your blog. I know I still get excited when I see people from everywhere I don't have friends at. lol
Makes it fun.
Thank you again for all your kind comments. You are the one that is amazing.

Toni said...

what I love is that you and I duplicate each other -- you find it out your way at the same time I'm finding it out my way ... so we STILL end up with 2. My mom and I do that with each other all the time.

Anonymous said...