Monday, February 11, 2008

Pick a number

Hey ya'll (said in my best Paula Deen voice)
It is contest time pick a number between 1-100 and I will have Big Daddy write a number down and the closest without going over wins.
What do you win you ask???????
How about this a 9x12 canvas you choose the color, theme, pictures, anything you like on it and I will do the rest. I need inspiration and you ladies inspire me.
Post your comment with your number and next Monday BD will pick a number. The winner will receive their canvas in two weeks after the pick date.
I love making canvases ( is that a word) and would love to make one to send to you.
Good luck ya'll ( Gosh I love Paula Deen)


Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

Oooh! A canvas? Lucky winner!
I choose #37!

SBS 11

Toni said...

I am picking number 74, for Paula Deen, and if that number wins, you have to do a canvas for her and I will find a place where it can be mailed where she MIGHT REALLY GET IT!!! (I'm still trying to hook you to long lost family members up!)

Bridget said...

oh SAWEET! How about 23

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'm going for 14.

Gloria K

Susan said...

I can't resist this one - let's see, I pick 59. Fingers crossed, that's my lucky number! You're so sweet to be doing this.
Susan (AAWA)

Mary Lynn said...

Hello, I love your site. I am a new member too at An Affair with Art. I have a blog too, since November, and I really love it. I have been sick since Sunday with the flu, so I am only staying up part of the time. I will save your addy on my blog so I can remember to come check you out OK? Oh, my number is 5!

Gina Juliet said...

poo ok someone already said 14 my lucky number so I will pick...umm... this is hard I always pick 14...umm..darn it!! hold on let me ask my 3 yr old DD. ok she says 3

Anonymous said...