Thursday, February 21, 2008

Please meet Juniper Elf Witch

She even comes with her own traveling case

I belong to this really cool group of ladies called AAWA An Affair with Art on Yahoo Groups. We had what is called a mingle ( kind of like a swap) and the theme was what is your Fairy name. here

Well, mine was Juniper Elf Witch so here she is


Toni said...

Juniper Elfwitch is really a lovely thing! My favorite part is that dark-hued flower on the lower right! Do you now mail her to someone, or what?

Veronica said...

I am not sure who I mail her too. Will find out on the group I guess. ARe you going to join the next one?????

T. Kaiser said...

Wonerful! How can you part with her? I think you should put her in a frame and put her somewhere special where you can enjoy her daily, as she is truly delightful!

Carla said...

This is so cool! What size is she? If you do send her out, you'd better make a duplicate first!

Veronica said...

Oh thanks you guys... okay she is an ATC card so I won't make again. The hearts around her feet mean my love for everyone. The blue flower has a special meaning too.... gotta guess that one.
I do love her and I hope the recepient does too.
off to do some more creating. an Altered book..humm that sounds like so much fun but I gotta go buy an old book first.
Isn't that funny I have to buy and old book to destroy..... better be a cheap one. lol

Susan said...

Love Juniper Elfwitch - what a great ATC! Someone in AAWA is going to be a very lucky lady.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Elf Witch - she should be a dainty little sandwich - I'd love to have Jennifer ElfWitches with my Black Current Tea - Jennifer ElfWitches should be made from tiny scallops of white cake covered with strawberry cream cheese and the palest of pink rose petals - my Gosh, I love the sound of that and it just came off the top of my head! It all must be served on the finest mismatched china tea cups and plates -ooh!!!

Anonymous said...