Friday, February 22, 2008

Soul Sister and how you become one

Several people have asked how Toni and I have become almost one. I will give you my side of the story and miss T can give you hers.

First off let me start off by saying something about my life.... I was not close to my brother or sister never was what you would call friends. We are ALL so different even night and day can't describe the differences between us. I never really had roots to say.. never really made many long lasting friendships at all. We were always so different.

Three years ago Miss T had purchased something from ebay that we were selling and through emails we became hummm email buddies. Then ART came into the picture and I sent her something never knowing that it arrived on her deepest darkest day and vice versa. We started sending challenges to each other you know here is a box of junk now make something with it. We had fun with that then Toni made up this crazy store of two girls who met and one was me and the other her... That was cool but not how we became the closest even closer than friends.
Emails started getting longer, phone calls started happening and somewhere in there we realized we were kindred soul sisters. Call it parallel universe whatever but we had so much in common and yet so very different but our differences where even the same. Gosh, does that make sense?
We both love the lake, we love to travel and we are planning on getting our husbands and ourselves together for a trip to Italy and then just T and I to paris.
I can tell her to snap out of it and she can do the same to me and I still love her.
She can tell me that I am wrong and I still love her
I can tell her hummmm not liking that so much and she still loves me
We don't have to pretend with each other She knows me and I know her and ha what do you know we still love each other.

So there you have it How to be become a kindred Soul Sister 101
hugs to all
Now go find your kindred soul sister and if you do I wanna hear all about it


Toni said...

I think V and I somehow came out of the same egg. It's THAT wonderful. And it was that immediate. Talk about sending thank you's to the Universe whenever I think about it/her.

Anonymous said...