Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something Wicked this way comes

or in my case something and she is sitting on top of her orange ford.

I made this ATC today enjoy


Surfer Earning Free said...

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Toni said...

ooh baby, you rocked THIS mamacita!!! I! LOVE! IT!!!!

Carla said...

Hey, Veronica! This is wonderful!! Love her attitude! I JUST today reaLIZED that Toni quit blogging! I have been so busy, I've barely been blogging myself. I know I don't visit often, but I don't want to lose touch with you two. I like knowing that you are there and that I can contact you when I want to! Can you shoot me Toni's home addy again? I probably have it on a RAK somehwere, but who knows if I could find it, or when.

Carol............. said...

Some of your art is quite...well, WILD! I LOVE it!

patti said...

There is no question, you rock Halloween!