Sunday, September 13, 2009

My good friends Dottie and Barbra Joan

have both started new blogs.
I would like to introduce you to both
Barbra Joan's is about her Journey.... her life in quilts, words, etc. She also has a beautiful art blog called Art Hearts Place where what she can do with a pencil and water color brings tears to my eyes so stop by both
Dottie has two blogs as well..... Her Recipe blog is amazing it is all about down home southern cooking and to be honest I can't wait to make her hot molton lava cake. She does take requests for recipes so stop on over. Her other blog is Holiday floral creations. She can take flowers and make masterpieces out of them.
Of course there are many more wonderful blogs out there so check out my side bar. The majority of all my blogs I have listed are crafting but several are about people and their journey through this thing we call life. ( if you click on the life you will be taken to my wonderful husband's blog.

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