Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When it rains it pours and this time rain is good

So, in less than an hour we have gone from going to Canada in two days, to Gatlinburg in less than a month then Vegas in two months and now........ drumroll...... ALASKA 2010!!! We are already booked on the cruise and this time we are going with friends. This is so exciting. We didn't go all the way out like we did when we went this year and renewed our vows. We are going not budget but not regal either....just plain ole travlers.
We will be going a little early with friends so we can travel through seattle and show them sites as well as in Vancover.
These friends invited us to go to Rome with them next year and stay for free in their timeshare...oh yeah.
Free is good .......... but we will help with the cleaning fees, and take them out to dinner a few times.
I am going to buy Rosetta Stones speak italian in less than a year program...lol
When I married Rick 12 years ago I had no idea that my life would be this good. He is my traveling buddy, my soulmate, my everything and I would never want to see any of these without him.
So that old saying goes........ LIFE IS GOOD and my life is very good right now.

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