Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We're going to VEGAS BABY

We are going to VEGAS BABY!!!! October 14-18 all expense paid trip. Remember all that hard work I did? Remember all the traveling I had to do? well................................. I received an email and guess what????? they are giving all of us an all expense paid trip to Vegas and I am staying at the http://www.venetian.com/ and getting tickets to see either KA or O. Now here is the super duper part RICK gets to go!!!!!!!!!
We have to pay for his stuff but that is super by me. He is excited and I am very excited to go. We are actually going to stay a day longer with Shannon and her husband. Shannon and I met when we went to the training session in Detroit and just clicked. Both Shannon and her husband are younger than we are but you would never know it. Just wonderful folks.
So, while Shannon and I have the awards banquet and classes during the day her husband and Rick will have time to get to know each other.
Once the session is over it is play time. Gondola ride through the hotel? YOU BET!!!!!
walking the strip in vegas? oh yeah.
I just know that
what happens in vegas stays in vegas.


artbeckons said...

Despite that adage, I hope you'll share all the fun details! Vegas is great and the Venetian is soooo beautiful!! Congrats =)

Maudies said...

Congrats and have a great time!