Sunday, August 9, 2009

How does the saying go.....

Five more nights and a wakeup? That is how long it will be before I am in Canada with Rick. I can't wait.
My favorite restaurant of all time is called the Chocolate Moose in International Falls. Rick and I have a standing date with that restaurant everytime we go to Canada. When we arrive on Friday it will be dinner at the Moose, then Saturday we wake up early and head right back to the Moose for an awesome breakfast.
We turn around and do the same thing on our way home. Thank goodness we fly into International Falls every year for vacation.
I still have a menu from last year that I have already looked through to see what I will be ordering come Friday night...
yum yum yum

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DollsAndSpooks said...

well, happy trip and i hope you will have a safe journey!