Saturday, June 13, 2009

Out on the road again

So, I landed Friday around noon went straight to work and then worked this morning till two. Now I am packing and heading out again tomorrow. So, if I said I would do something for you on Sunday I am so sorry but that has changed.
I will be back ( I hope Tuesday)
These past five weeks have been crazy. I will get back with everyone later...... hopefully some art too.


somethingcraftybydottie said...

wow I hope you get some rest POOR Rick having to do with out his must be wonderful at what you do or they wouldn't keep sending you off . have a great trip try and get a little rest.
Talk to you soon
Hugs :o)
have a safe trip home !

The Green Man said...

Hi Veronica Dear,

I am sorry our website has been hacked. I am having it fixed and hopefully come back online by next week.

We opened the Julian Schnabel last night at the National Museum of the Phil and it was great. We have the prints displayed in our gallery and shall post images when our site goes back up and running.

Thanks for responding to my comment.