Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have entered the world of Pandora

I know, I know, I know...... but I just have to say...... Rick did it again. Our anniversary is June 28th and for our anniversary he bought me a Pandora bracelet, beads and spacers. WOW...
I am so happy...happy .....happy. I will take pictures of it as soon as it comes in but this is what he bought
Bracelet, wedding cake bead ( for our vows being renewed on the ship) a glass heart ( for our anniversary) a cupcake bead ( for my love of but have never had a sprinkles cupcake.... I keep saying someday we are taking a plane to California just for a sprinkles cupcake. then we can fly right home) 2 bow spacers.... because I am a little girly and I love my bows.
Now I ask you ..... isn't he the best?
He almost bought the tulip bead for the tulips I fell in love with while we were at Pike's Market in Seattle but...... he does have a
there is always christmas............. If you haven't seen Pandora before check it out....


Toni said...

I thought you were talking about the music Pandora!!! hee!!! I'd never heard of this jewelry -- they have some bad ass rings, yowza! Rick scores again, whatta MAN!

Rexy's mom said...

I'm not going THERE! I see why they can it Pandora. Once you open it, your hooked. Lovely man, lovely life. I am so very happy for you, you deserve the best!