Monday, February 9, 2009

Live signature

Okay here is lesson two of how to make your blog unique. Today's lesson is Live signature. See my signature? Want a unique one all your own? EASY as pie.
Go here
then type in the little box what you want your signature to say.

for this sample I am typing in
All my best Veronica
then click on next
you will have your choice of over 100 fonts then click on your font that you want.
for this sample I chose number 100 then click on next
Now you get to chose your size. for this sample I chose size two
click on next
Now you will chose your color... I liked the blue so I chose number 6 now click on next
Now you will chose your slope. I wanted this one to be even so I chose number 1
click on next
Now you are done
you will come to a page that has a bunch of buttons and under those buttons it says
want to use this signature? click on that
a new window will pop up that says html or bb click on generate html

then click on generate code for your signature
you will then see a box with your signature in it and below it is the html code.
Save the code to a word document...
then whenever you make a post just go the word document and copy it then paste it into your post.
And tada there you have it

see how easy that was..... Friday I will tell you how to put an MP3 player on your blog.


Shannon Strong said...

Help! I came across your blog last week...went over to cutest blogs on the block...tried to change my background-its all messed up! I cant seem to make my posts fit in the desired middle section and I dont know why! Any advice you can offer would be super awesome-love your blog by the way!-Shannon

Mary Lynn said...

Hello Veronica. If you have the time, which I doubt, would you please take a look at my blog? I can not get my header to center on my blog.I would gladly go to a smaller size print if it would center, but I don't know what to change. I am going to try the signature now, and thanks for doing these mini tutorials! Hugs to you,

Carolyn said...

Hey how ya been? Thanks bunches for the info on the siggy. I made one.

You Rock women! :)

Papier Creatif said...

Hi Veronica! I'll have to try doing this! I was also trying to figure out how to do a cute custom blinkie today but gave up! lol ... Thx for this info.

Okay, where's the crop and stop? Is that online?

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the siggy tip, LOL! I just might go and try that out! :)

Davinia said...

Thank you so much. Clearest instructions I've ever seen to add something to my blog. I'm very computer challenged so to find someone who explains it so well is such a bonus. Thanks again.

Lisa Gatz said...

Thank you SO SO much for that! I love the touch that a signature makes on a blog!

Jean said...

So cool! Thank you again! I think I'm actually starting to catch up with my two teenagers!! They'll be amazed at my new found skills!! :)

sam brightwell said...

Hi Veronica, been using some of your fantastic advice today - thank u so much! But I changed my template to minima and now I can't get paragraph spaces / line breaks in my latest post, so that it all looks bunched up and terrible. I've tried changing my settings but can't work out what I need to do. Pls can you help?

Shannon Strong said...

I got your comment to email you-thank you! I did finally figure out that if I changed my header size-the rest would follow-thankfully! I am now trying to add more to the good old blog-really snaz it up-so I will be back to learn more from you! Thank you so much-it was very kind of you to respond so quickly to my panic....I appreciate it :-)

Elizabeth Symington said...

I've been meaning to do this. So today was the day- thanks to you explaining it in simple terms.

I wanted my signature to be in my handwriting so I took a digital photo of my siggy. Now I can upload it into the posts just like a regular image. I like my signature and it seemed faster too.

Next I am going to change my background using the link you posted.

It is very thoughtful of you to share these tutorials. Thank you!!