Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting ready to be shipped out

I had so much fun making all of my ATC's but now they are getting ready to be sent away. I was asked by Haylie Jo over at to make some ATC's for her shows. I used the spellbinder ATC die to make all of them. I love that DIE. It is so cool as not only do you get the ATC template you get wings, puzzle pieces, and other adornments. I am also sad to see them go... but I know Haylie Jo will put them to good.
There is a total of 20 in the baggies...


Celestial Charms said...

Lovely goodie bag you created. You sure must keep busy with all your artistic pursuits. So beautiful.

L8on said...

you're such an inspiration... I like to buy scrapbook-ing stuffs too, but then don't know where to start ... your artworks are lovely ... love it... :)

Linda . J said...

Hi Veronica These are so beautiful,
Haylie will be very pleased. Your artwork is always so exquisite.
Hugs Linda

Christine's Arts said...

Your ATC's look fun. I've been planning some watercolor ones. You're so industrious. Great job.

Lisa Gatz said...

They look lovely! It is hard to see things go that you've made, isn't it?

Papier Creatif said...

Ronnie! *Luv* all your ATCs! So dang cute! I like the *Misunderstood* one -- I have had those days before & she could be my twin! ;)

You really got alot done! That's amazing. What is an ATC maker?? Can you post a picture of it or link? I just cut them manually.

I've been painting boxes - they are not looking like anything I imagined & taking time away from Blogging which is driving me nuts. But hoping that I can *fix* the one that now looks like a snake instead of French stripes! lol... You learn so much with every project, don't u?

Opra Nordestina said...

Hi Veronica,

I love your material very interesting and classic, like much of their creativity, that before I forget, Happy Valentine's Day.
May God bless us all.

I am of Brazil, the city of Recife-PE, where the best Brazilian beaches, I am the mother of two children, actually a couple.
Craft Sector I love your beautiful work, forgive me, but praise the lord all that is done with creativity, I believe that is a Sun

Thank you for Antenção,

Monica Santos
santos.monicaepro @

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Brigitte said...

these are really cute

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

Lovely cards. I have some that I need to be working on.

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Really lovely items, Sarah x

harya said...
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harya said...
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Sheryl said...

Wow Veronica, you have been busy. I must admit I've been a bit ATC - inspired over the past few days, and it's largely YOUR fault! Thanks!! Off to visit some more Crop Stop DT blogs now!

Mamoth said...

Hi Veronica.
Love the ATC's and look forward to making the march ATC's.

Well, better hoppalong on my blogghopping.


Meda said...

Hello! I just got here from the Crop Stop blog hop. Lovely ATC's I can understand why you don't want to part with them.

Anonymous said...

Waouh, they look so marvellous. I think it's hard for you to see them go away !