Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oooopppsss She did again

Okay ladies and gents ( if there is one) I just posted oh let's say about 40 unmounted and wood mounted stamps on etsy. If you like vintage go take a look

here is a sample of what I posted just now and am still doing


Toni said...

Say, Baby ... put your ETSY link on your sidebar or something, cuz if anyone else is like me and forgot to save it the first time you provided it, that means they gotta go back thru all your posts to find it.

Jamie Martin said...

Hi Veronica, just stopping by to say hi :)

Carolina said...

How's Etsy working out for you? I was thinking of making some stuff and putting out there, but you know I need that pesky little thing called time - LOL!

I got lattebella, thanks to you enabling me, can't wait to ink her up!

Anonymous said...

OMG girl... where oh where do you find these beauties!

-- dalis