Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'v been tagged by Susan

Humm list 7 random things about myself.....

1. My husband is my best friend and I would rather spend time with him than anyone
2. I would kill for a sprinkles cupcake from
3. I also love zucchini bread but rarely have it since I don't know how to make it
4. I can catch fish with the best of the men and most days catch many many more.
5. When I was little my grandfather would make me popcorn bread. I never called it cornbread it was always popcorn bread
6. I can read a paperback book in three days during my lunch break. I sit in my car and read
7. I love shabby chic but my home is fishing lodge theme but when we move up north for good I will have a shabby chic studio

so now I will tag Erica at

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