Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A great Mail Day

So, today I received these cool items

new prima flowers and leaves

some cool paint that looks like glaze

oh and is that a new Apple Ipod Shuffle???? well I guess it is... I won that!!!!!!!!!!


Laurel said...

Wow some great stuff there. I never post my new stuff hubby might look at my blog! LOL! Where do you get those beautiful flowers from?

Congrats on the win!

Vicki said...

ooooohhhhh! some yummy new goodies you have there. Those blooms are gorgeous. Congrats for your win, lucky girl!!! xx vicki xx

gillyflower said...

oooh what scumptious stash you lucky lady
some beautiful colours there
i have some bella stamps on the say can't wait
that's all toni's fault she happened to mention them and well you know what it's like
have to wait for a while though as they have to come from your side of the pond to mine
enjoy your fun things