Sunday, December 2, 2007

Paula was on TV last night

Did ya'll see her????? the Iron Chef..... Paula and Cat Cora were creating desserts and oh wow........ she was adorable. Just a cute little ole bug in a rug. Very odd that everytime I start talking about Paula the southern girl in me just oozes out.
Big Daddy and I use to live in Savannah and never went to her restaurant. Paula wasn't really a big name then she was just starting out..... good gravy miss katie had I of known of her then I would have went ga ga over her and would have camped out at the Lady and son restaurant.

Oh well, whacha going a do?

Big Daddy is watching the game right now so I thought I would blog.

Back to work tomorrow, I hate hate hate these six day work weeks. My only day off now is Thursday.


Toni said...

The best part ... well, one of the best parts ... about camping is that I NEVER wear a watch. EVER! It's against our camping laws, actually. No watches, no make-up, no jewelry. And when I travel, I find it difficult to have my days scheduled for me, too ... I invariably deviate from the proposed schedule -- I'll go with the group somewhere but then I go my own way once I'm there. I don't need tourist shops, geez louise!!! I want to meet real people, stroll down side streets, sit quietly on a bench and just watch.


twinsand2boys said...

Hey V! I just thought Id come see whats new. Sorry you have to work so much...countdown to the end of the holidays? I just noticed Im in your list of places to sweet of you! Have a great day!