Friday, December 7, 2007


I am surfing the blogs that I visit and one of my favorite must visit every single day blogs other than toni's is vintage stampers blog. I went to visit tonight and oh my gosh she has me listed on her blogs she visits......

okay now I am in la la land. I am in such awe of this amazing artist she isn't Paula Deen but oh my gosh pretty darn close.

Everyone knows my love of Paula Deen.... she is just the mom I always wanted and never had

but now ......... I am in such awe that well.........oh my gosh

Thanks Nancy I am so happy right now


Toni said...

Ooh, yes indeed, her site is amazing. She's from the Netherlands, V!!!! And I got to YOUR blog from HER blog, just for fun! I definitely share your excitement, my little cabbage! AWESOME!!! I just hope the two of us start getting invited to particpate in some challenges, or circles, or something, huh?

Love you insanely,


twinsand2boys said...

Thats so awesome V! That would be exciting to go to a blog you admire so much and see your blog listed among those that she visits! Congrats!!!