Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The amazing art tree

Okay this isn't the amazing art tree but I did want to take a picture of this really cool clock I got. Now on with the story of the amazing art tree. I have this friend ( you know who you are) that had this amazing tree. I said I love that tree I must have that tree and Christmas eve look what I have...... the tree
Now she used it for other things but one look at it and I knew it would be the amazing art tree
Over the years I have met some wonderful people on my blog and at art websites. We have traded art back and forth, and many have sent me art.
So, today I took a lot of the art that I have received ( not all I need to go buy more clips) and attached that art to my tree. I also added a lot of art that I have made over the years as well.
I hope you enjoy and look to see if you see any of the art that you have sent me.... Patti, the Breakfast at Tiffany's piece isn't under there as it is holding a special place of honor in my Audrey Hepburn inspired library.

It all started with this dress form years ago. I would attach many of the ATC's I made or traded to it. That is how I got the idea of how to use the tree

Some of the bigger pieces are like little presents under my tree

If you see any of the art you sent please leave a message and let me know that you saw it

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Vicki said...

Wow! This tree rocks, Veronica! How tall is it?