Saturday, July 4, 2009

I could cry

I knew it was coming I just thought I could hold out a little longer than today I had no choice it happened. MY COMPUTER CRASHED and I had to rebuild it. I had seriously so many images, digital sheets, pictures etc on my computer that I didn't even have a megabyte to do anything with. So, I put everything on my handy dandy external hard drive Rick bought me and thought hey that will work......... yes it did take a lot off of my hard drive but my microsoft office just wouldn't work anylonger.
So, I had to rebuild the darn thing and finally well...... it worked. I now have a fully working computer but I did lose many of my favorites. I have them on my external drive and just need to revisit them and save them again with the new browser.
oiy what a way to spend the 4th I so wanted to do some art.........
tomorrow I will


somethingcraftybydottie said...

Ho I am so sorry to hear that I have had it happen but I lost everything baby pix etc. and I couldn't get any of it back. so now about once a month Joe copies it all to disk, that way no matter what I will always have everything and never take that chance of losing it again.
Now We wanted to wish you all a very Happy 4th before our guest arrive.
there is new things scheduled on my floral blog coming the next couple of days.
Have a Great weekend I will check back soon.
~ God Bless ~
Hugs :o)
Dottie & Joe
again Happy 4th !

Elliot said...

Oof. I am dreading the day my computer crashes. There's all my pictures on it and nothing is backed up.


artbeckons said...

Bummer =( At least you had a backup... I don't even have that so I would be in real bad shape if mine crashed. This should be my wake-up call =)