Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boy do I feel stupid

I guess you need to read the fine print and then re read it and then maybe have your attorney look at it.
Case in point I received a beautiful ATC mini art canvas and thought oh my gosh I must have more. So, I search the Internet and find a sale for six bucks quantity 10 so I am thinking I am going to receive ten for six bucks awesome deal....
Duh Duh is six bucks for each tiny canvas. I could have went to dick blick and bought four for that amount of money.
And stupid stupid me..... bought another from her thinking oh how cool I will have TWENTY. duh I feel so stupid right now


Judy said...

Finally getting around to asking….. what does "ATC" stand for? I know you are referring to the small postcard sized artwork… I think?

somethingcraftybydottie said...

Hi Veronica:
Well things are real busy here adding a NEW Family room off the back of our home boy cant wait for it to be all done. then off to buy new furniture to fill it. "yippe"!
Now on to your little canvis . ah we all have to learn not to be so trusting this Co your ordered from I take it did not say you got one for
$ 6.00 you thought you were getting a great deal. Oh well I am sure you still like it but $ isn't 6.00 for one little one a lot???
Hope you have a wonderful weekend say Hi to Rick as I have not been on very much.
My drawing is next weekend so good luck in the running.
Take care.
~ God Bless ~