Saturday, August 16, 2008

Okay so I am about to save you hundreds of dollars

here you have them and what they look like. They are by the flower stuff on an endcap and only $.79 cents a bag. woo hoo
I dyed these yes you heard me I dyed these and saved a ton of money. When you purchase these baubles, skittles, dew drops etc whatever you want to call them you will spend about 5 bucks for just a small amount. I went to Michael's and purchased a big bag of these little beads that you use to fill in vases with. I then put them into ziplock bags and added some Tim Holtz Alcohol ink and viola there you have it..... colored dew drops or baubles.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful deep Navy in a dew drop or a bella bauble? Nope neither have I
Look at that red........ I used Red Pepper for the coloring



Carolina said...

Okay, seriously, how smart are you! I would have never thought to dye go girl!

Jenn said...

Awesome!!! I didn't know you could dye them! Very cool and I love the red and navy ones...just beautiful! :D

Ariane said...

Hey that is such a cool idea!!! I'll have to try it right away! :))
Thanks for sharing.