Friday, March 14, 2008

You ladies are the best and of course any guys that visit

So, I have received a few emails saying .... Where are you? What is going on there are not any new posts...etc

I am here I promise..... I will share a few things with you

First.... Major conference that only happens once a year starts next Tuesday and Wednesday in Baltimore

Second..... A huge process that I have to attend for work the following Monday and Tuesday in D.C.

Third back to D.C. Thursday and Friday of the same week listed above for some more things.

So, to be honest I am totally booked up until the 4th of April. Then it will be smooth sailing after and I can get all those canvases I made in the mail to everyone and I still need to send out my tag to my AAWA mingle partner. I also still need to send out the Simone Beck book and I have a Box the size of a small house to send to Miss T. ( sorry honey if you want to see what is in the box I will post a picture of it all!!!!!!)

Today I am writing and practicing my speech that I will have to do for the conference. But I did sneak out and buy this amazing book.

I promise I will be back in full swing April 4th and in between I will try and do some postings.

hugs to all

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T. Kaiser said...

Yes, Yes, I want to express my life through collage. It looks so effortless- but it so isn't! I'm going to keep practicing, but my collage all looks like a left-brained math teacher glued stickers on crooked.

So, you aren't going to tell us about this conference that's keeping you so busy?