Thursday, March 27, 2008

A few changes

As you can see SBS 11 is gone yet many of my sisters blogs are still here. Why you ask ? because we made friends through SBS11 and I want to keep you on here. The others were blogs that were not posted on frequently so I removed them.
I am sorry if anyone has hurt feelings I truly wanted for everyone to have a friendship like those I developed with the ones I kept. Yet, due to everyone's hectic life and trust me I understand that.... I removed those that you know didn't post often on their blogs. So with that said I am stepping down from SBS 11 as SBS 11 however, those friends I made well...... you are now part of my friend list and not some online group!!!!!!!!!

How does that sound??????????


Vicki said...

Hi Veronica,

I understand where your coming from as I too were thinking exactly the same thing. We all met and most of us keep in touch, whilst others have never bothered to even say Hi, which I am really annoyed about. Will definatley keep visiting your blog as I love to see what your up to next. BTW I am loving your photos. Love & best wishes xx vicki xx

gillyflower said...

me too sounds like a few of us are thinking in the same way
i think it would have been difficult as we are living in different countries so posting to each other would have been difficult and expensive
would love to keep in contact with the regulars though so feel free to drop by anytime and i'll keep visiting you too
bye for now