Monday, January 14, 2008

Please be patient

So, today I went to Michael's to find my canvas for my Tim Holtz canvas thingy I am doing. I had no idea that unprimed natural canvases would be like a major hunt.... WHERE DO YOU FIND THEM? They had some that were primed with oil, guesso, and acrylic and some musuem that were 20.00 bucks each but still not unprimed. oy vey
So, I bought the cheapy ones 3.99 cents for three and will figure it out some way. My little bitty hinges were .99 cents and I am going to sweet talk Big Daddy into using the dremel to put them in for me tomorrow.
I also bought my 4x6 canvas for my ultra secret squirrel thingy not saying what it is yet but it will be BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and Toni, I need a cute picture of Miss C for her secret squirrel thing too. Tell Cam or is it Chris to take a picture of C smiling but not too big of a smile maybe just a grin. Can't tell you yet what it is but C and C will love love love it. Something BD did when our girls were little that made them smile and I really think they will love it
okay off to work on Mr. Tim Holtz and to work some on Miss C's secret thingy.


Anonymous said...

Veronica are you making the little Mona Lisa book that Tim teaches?

I took this class with him about a year and half ago and I agree the price for those tiny canvases are way out of line. I really did enjoy him as a teacher,I must have we drove about 6 hours and stayed 3 days there so I could take his class.

I live in the boonies so we travel for alot of things.

Hope you enjoy making what ever it is you are working on.

Veronica said...

OH Denise, thank you so much for the post... Nope not making those however humm sounds great.
Do you have the video by Tim called the Journey continues? The canvas he makes in the next to last entry is the one I am doing. It just won't work I have tried all night to get the distressed ink to dry but on the primed canvas it will not dry.
I guess I am just going to have to bite the bullet and buy the canvas.
I would also have driven that far to take a class from TIM you lucky girl.... Is he as friendly in real life as he is on the video?
Thank you again for the post

Anonymous said...

Yes I do have both of Tims DVD's. I will have to check out what you are working on.

I do remember him telling us in class that we would have to buy the right canvases or it wouldn't work.

Oh that guy has a wicked funny sense of humor. I like that he loves woman and is so nice. What a talent he is,he makes everything look so easy,only wish it was when you try and do it later by yourself.

Veronica said...

Yep, that is what I am learning. Actually I sprayed the canvas with a fixitive and it is working somewhat. The colors are not as intense as his but at least I have it working. The wax also sits on top instead of seaping into the canvas but I will get it to work somehow. I would love to meet tim woo hoo

Toni said...

Ladies, ladies, I have dibs on Mr. Tim, let it be known forthwith!

(I need to see these videos. Who sells them?)

Denise S. said...

the videos are made by page sage productions and are available at

Veronica said...

I got mine directly from he even autographs them it says enjoy your journey tim...

lol or maybe it says love tim hahahaha

okay ladies here is an update.
the hinges I bought Not big enough so I am doing them individually I just wish the colors were not so muddy.

Anonymous said...