Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blog candy winner

cheryl since no one else posted you won the book send me your address and I will ship it off to you congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheryl KVD said...

Yippppeee!!! Thank you so much. I am sorry that no one else posted...but I am very lucky to be your winner!

Toni said...

Go, Cheryl!!! It's such a good book!


Anonymous said...

Miss V have you seen the new demos that Tim put on his blog? I need this stuff and I live in the boonies so will probably have to order it online.

Veronica said...

Hey Miss D where you been. I am off to look at Timmy's stuff now. lol

I bought some of the iron oxide to work with this weekend I will post pictures of it as soon as I am done.

I can't wait to see his new stuff if only I could find those stupid unprimed

Toni said...

Yea, "Hey Miss D" is right! You never call, you never write, WAZZUP!!!!! (hee hee) How in the world can I get in touch with you if I want to (I want to).

Meanwhile, Miss V, I'm writing to shout out HEY FELLOW SBS 11 Sistah! Gee, we're soul sisters, jazz sisters, Ladies of the Lake sisters, now SBS 11 sisters. We need some t-shirts, man (but I want a tank top).

Gina Juliet said...

Hey Welcome to SBS 11! I love your page!! Hope to see more of you around soon!

Vicki said...

Hi Veronica, your fellow sbs11 sister Vicki here, just introducing myself. Hope you are well. Seems like I've landed myself in it!! eeeekkk help! cos I'm very nervous and not sure what to do, but extremely excited at the same time. Speak to you again soon, take care , love and best wishes xx vicki xx

Anonymous said...