Thursday, November 22, 2007

Okay so I have to tell ya

The song Handy Man was the first song that Rick sang to me when we met. It was so cute. He called me and left it on my answering machine. The sweetest thing any guy has ever done for me. Since then he continues to sing his heart out every chance he gets. Alas, not so much just to me anymore but I guess that is what happens after ten years of marriage.


Rick said...

Perhaps it is not the length of a marriage that kills the music. Music when sung with emotion, from the heart and soul and sung with conviction, is like a work of art. It may not appeal to everyone but it does not diminish the creativity or the artistic value of the sound. Like a candle whose flame has been snuffed out, all that lingers is the smoke that drifts freely in the air until it is gone. The same can be said for a persons singing. When the singing has been laughed at or stifled, what is one to can internalize the music or maybe just sing to the wind and hope that the beautiful sounds float upon an ear that might appreciate it. It may not be a professional work of art, but it is my song. Rick

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