Friday, November 30, 2007

AND speaking of Paula Deen

She is also just the most amazing woman I have ever NOT met. I did see her in a store once in Savannah but of course I wasn't going to bother her but just to have her say HEY yall would be the bestest thing ever. I am so totally going to have to get her new cookbook. I just love that woman. Big Daddy says she reminds him of my Mother and well he doesn't really like my mother lol but.......she doesn't like anyone even whatcha going to do?

I know Paula Deen if you are out there will you adopt me??????lol

have a great day ya'll ( getting ready just in case)


Toni said...

Hey, V, I was looking at Paula's website and honey, I think (from the pictures of you I've seen) that you are her long lost daughter. I seriously think you look like her. It's no accident in my mind that you respond to her like you do. (Hmmm, I wonder if I look like Sarah Ban Breathnach, then?)

ciao, dearie!


Veronica said...

OH my gosh, if you could see a picture of my mother you would swear she was paula deen. a meaner version of paula but still she does look like paula deen. Well, except for the fact that paula just has this.... I'm your bestest friend look and she just looks like I don't know sugar? I just love love love that woman.

Anonymous said...