Sunday, October 14, 2007


Today I am in sweats and an old t shirt just bumming around. I did clean up my studio and I did finish my little surprise to toni that I can't post until she has it then I will post it. Went to ACMOORE yesterday and was looking at my goodies........... $6.88 cents for chalk sets by Ikandee all pearly looking..... in heaven now.

Tonight is Chicken Fajitas night with yummy sour cream and lettuce on top.
My back is totally killing me I mean totally killing me so I think I may go take a mini nap before dinner.
Oh and my diet urrrrrr I mean live style change is going great so far.
Today breakfast oatmeal
lunch chicken noodle soup
dinner fajitas
no snackies for me today
as I said before my goal is only two pounds per month... I mean look at it this way...
I won't starve, I won't have to NOT eat what I crave I will just have to be a little smarter.
in a year I would have lost 24 pounds. At the end of two I would have lost 50 which took me ten years to gain......... so I am pretty happy with my goals.
so far so good...5 gone 45 to go