Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If only........

If only I could go back 47 years how would I change my life?

* I would never say a harsh word to anyone

* I would never forget to say thank you

* I would seek out the beauty in everything

* I would be a much kinder person

* I would have listened to others more and talked much less

* I would ask my grandmother and grandfather to tell me more stories

* I would have been more understanding of my mother's struggles

* I would laugh much more, cry much less and live my life my way

don't get me wrong I wasn't abused or neglected..... I was simply forgotten.

There were bills to pay and jobs to work so I was forgotten

There were two younger children so I was forgotten

There was a divorce going on so I was forgotten


Toni said...

Hey, Wench! Everything you list here, you can do NOW, in the NOW, doesn't have to be a list of regrets or wished-for do-overs. Don't relive those things to hurt yourself -- take the lessons and use them for your life in the present. You hear?

Your picture is SO DAMN CUTE!!!


twinsand2boys said...

Hey V! Sorry your childhood memories arent great ones. Cute picture of you!

Anonymous said...