Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why yes Veronica there is a Santa Claus

Each year Rick and I exchange gifts.  Each year we say.....just one or two honey then let's do it right when we go on vacation to Europe.  This year it was Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Shetland Islands, Denmark and the Faroe Islands.  Next year it is Greece and Italy..... so let's just save and go crazy there.......Right... um no way.  
He thinks he is the ultimate gift giver which he has won every single year...this year though I think I might have given him the perfect gift.  I don't know I will let you know on the 26th.  But the sports car I think is a great idea.  Now if he could just find it under this tree.  ;0) 

1 comment:

Barbra Joan said...

Too funny for words!!! LOL !
Merry Christmas V... I think you can fit a few more presents under the tree?
Can't wait to see (hear)? the ultimate gift for Rick. Hmmm!