Thursday, September 23, 2010

Calling all fellow artists, bloggers and too!

A dear sweet friend and a well known artist in the community of Michigan has lost her entire studio in a fire. Patti ( see her blog on the blog roll on the right hand side) had a fire and lost her entire studio.
Thank God no one was hurt. She has pictures and a story on her blog. Here is where you can help....... If you read her blog you will know she lost her teaching job this year to cut backs in Michigan and was forced to retire early.
Let's see what we can gather and send to her to help her get back into the swing of things.
I emailed her earlier tonight and asked her what she needed. She is a mixed media artist who was just starting out to supplement her retirement by selling mixed media on etsy.
I know she could use inks, paper, mixed media supplies etc. If you have anything you can send please let me know. I will let everyone here know how to get her the supplies either directly or I can collect and send to her. Now she hasn't told me yet what she needs but as soon as she does I will let everyone know.
She hasn't asked for a thing and this is totally a surprise for her........ she is living in a hotel now and doesn't even have a computer so I don't know when she may get back but as soon as I know I will be seeking out everyone's help.
Thanks in advance

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