Thursday, October 8, 2009

OH MY Goodness just look at this

Here is a picture of the ATC that I received from Patti The atc that Patti sent me was packed in this bag.
And the atc was in this amazing coffin oh my god are you serious who would have thought to send a coffin!!!! Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays this was just too much

Now the lindt chocolates are already in my belly
This is the most amazing thing ever!!!! well, almost this is the most amazing and she made it too. This was accepted in the Anton Exibit.

I just love this thank you so much Patti!!


The Green Man said...

That's a very smart way to go about it. Patti's very smart.

Awww... I am still mesmerized with your sites sweet designs :-D

artbeckons said...

so cool - love it!!!!!