Saturday, May 2, 2009

What my week looked like

My week last week started out on Sunday at 7 a.m. up getting ready for my trip. Off to the airport where I waited for my flight. NO SEAT? what? what do you mean I don't have a seat I have had these tickets for three weeks. crap!
Finally a nice young man came up to the stand and I snuck him my boarding pass and he gave me a window seat...thank you nice young man
Arrived into the big city at 2:30 waited on a peer at hotel pickup.... Wait I used to live in the big city so when did they get TWO airports?????? yes TWO...... one for most airlines and one for usair. So, I had to wait over a half an hourr for one peer to catch a shuttle and find me at the big Northwest...errr I mean DELTA now...speaking of which imagine how stupid I felt looking for the Northwest counter when it doesn't exist.
So, we are on the shuttle bus heading over to the hotel, saying our howdy doos.... meeting everyone.etc etc.... Now only one person I have met before so thank you ( you know the one person if you pop on here)
We get to the hotel and realize there is NO WHERE to eat except for the hotel and no cars....not a problem..... My one peer I knew and I headed down to the bar for burgers and my phone rings........ a new stranger friend that I had reached out to before our trip called her plane finally landed....woo hoo get over here and join us for dinner.
Now this stranger friend and I could pass for best friends we hit it off that we have known each other for YEARS.......
We buddied up with my peer that I knew and was thee threesome of the group...that was until later that night.....
Where even more stranger friends we met as we were outside studying up on our now we all hung out
Next day up at 6 am..... to go to breakfast and do some studying for our presentations....
then meetings until 5 .... off we go to dinner and back to our studying each night from 7 until 11 p.m. then we would go back to our rooms grab a shower, sleep, and back up at 5 a.m. for breakfast and to do the whole thing over again.
Our last day was hilarious...I have never had so much fun at a meeting........ done at 5 p.m. off to catch the shuttle to the airport....only to find....NO NWA Delta counter ack ack ackkk they have some minor flaws to fix to make check in easier.

Through the security to find MASKS.... MASKS everywhere...what? what is going on oh yea on the two minute phone call I took each night rick did mention something about a pig flu...that is how remote we were....

Four of us stranger friends had our last supper together as we passed around our home numbers our email addresses etc.
You know I am exhausted but it was the best type of exhausted you could ever have...
I finally land at midnight Thursday night and didn't wake up until after noon on Friday. Got up read my email, did a post and then back to bed until after five p.m. and of course I was right back in bed last night at 8 p.m.
Today I am caught up on my sleep........ Folks I tell you.... I had the toughest time, worried about my presentations, but I had the best time ever!!!!! AND I did really well. I truly missed that wonderful man of mine for a week but we both roughed it out and got through it.
And the best of the week..... other than coming home to my Rick.....
Was meeting 19 new stranger friends from my group.

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