Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh my goodness

Since Rick's blog made blog of note I also have received many comments and posts. I would love to thank all of you for this. Many have emailed me with their thoughts and comments and words of encouragement. Many have asked a couple of questions so to answer some of those I thought I would answer them here.

Yes, he is the real thing and no I won't and yes you can send your darling husband's here for training... This question was from Liz

Yes, we are married have been for oh my gosh 12 years and no not our first marriage for either of us. I think we both got it right this time.

Yes, we both know how lucky we are to have found each other. I thank my lucky stars each and everyday for him and I truly believe he does the same.

He is such a thinker and can convey his thoughts on paper so much better than I can.

Yes, he was shocked to find that his blog had made the list and was so amused just watching everyone come and visit. He loves all your comments and plans on visiting as many of the ten thousand visitors he has had in the last two

so thank you everyone for visiting his blog and for coming to visit mine.


~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

Thanks for the comment and as I said before you are a lucky woman to have a man that is able to share so much of what he has going on inside of him. It truly is enough to bring tears to my eyes. Hold on to what you have and realize how very lucky you are, so many look a lifetime for that and never find it.

Oh and I know that post about the average size woman..helped me to feel better when I got it out!!! *smile*

gillyflower said...

what a great blog and a lovely man you have
i'm not jealous though as i have one like that too my soul mate we know what each other are thinking needing or wanting we have been married 25 years this may and have been together since we were 16 which is ooooh dear 30 years and are still as in love as way back then we are very lucky ladies veronica to find a wonderful man who loves us the same as we love them hold on tight to it it's such a gift
i also have the bonus gift of a wonderful son too so i guess i have been a very lucky girl
take care

rainey said...

Congrats Veronica!! I'm so happy for you. I saw your blog yesterday and planned on being a reader of it. I welcome you and your husband into my corner of the world. My new found blogging family.

OWW/Claire said...

Veronica...your blog is so gentle and soft. I'm so happy that you and your Rick have made happiness your center.

You are refreshing and as colorful as your little pixie.

I will enjoy coming back here often to see your work...

Warm wishes from my little spot (called Bayonne) on this wonderful planet...

Opra Nordestina said...

Acessei o seu site através de indicação do próprio Google como uns dos sites mas interessantes, fiquei curiosa e resolvi conhecer pena que o meu inglês seja fraco, mas gostaria de conhecer o se u trabalho que por sinal é de bom gosto.
Tenho 27 anos e dois filhos, adoro partilhar com as pessoas conhecimentos e amizades.

Obrigada pela Atenção,

Mônica Santos
Recife,Pernambuco, Brasil