Saturday, December 13, 2008

My husband is amazing

Can I just brag for a minute? about my husband that is.
Not a Christmas gift, it is not my birthday heck it isn't even our anniversary. Rick is amazing just plain amazing. Three days ago he says let's go to Seattle to see Pike's market and then maybe we will go to the mountains. Okay I say that sounds great. Tickets are cheap enough so why not?
Well, yesterday he tells me oh by the way.... we will see Pike's market but honey I am taking you on a seven day cruise to Alaska out of Seattle!
What? are you serious? yes he says I am serious and I got us a penthouse suite on the Norwegian Pearl Cruise ship and you will get spa treatments..... excursions which include a Whale watch and honey we are even taking a train up the White Pass!!!!

No way I say and to which he says " Honey you are my light which leads my life" Okay so I made that part up but DAMN I am goin to Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Have fun in Alaska in that suite with the spa treatments! DANG!

Susan said...

All I can say is WOW! Lucky you! Can I borrow him for a week - the week in Alaska maybe? Have a great time and enjoy being pampered. Just take some warm clothes!

Sheryl said...

How marvellous - make sure to take plenty of pictures!

Nancy B said...

Enjoy! What a treat!
And you don't have to make anything up - I can tell that he says "I love you" with his actions. I hope you both have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Goodness V - YES you have an amazing and wonderful hubby - hang on to him for dear life. I am truly happy that both of you will be going to Seattle (I adore Pike's Market!) and I'm so excited about your Alaskan trip - have fun and as Susan said, that WARM clothes!

Becky Sorensen said...

Congratulations on going to Alaska. My family took a trip out of Seattle last year on two different ships-half missed booking on the same ship so they were three days behind the other half. We live North of Seattle and haven't done the trip ourselves yet!! And thank you, I got the blog candy stamps the other day. They are awesome.