Friday, November 14, 2008

thank you everyone for you help with the tea ***** update******

I have decided to send all of you stamps for your help. I ended up going with Denise's suggestion of the 80 tea bags. You all were so wonderful to help.
cher, sheryl and denise. THANK you so much.
Please email me at with your addresses so that I can send you some fun rubberstamps. Thanks so much

********* update**********

Cher also found that Epcot tea center had ten boxes LEFT!!!! Since this tea is discontinued and they will no longer make it. I got the tea Denise found and the tea Cher found. I have one happy husband.

Thank you all so much.........

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Denise S. said...

Yeah for finding the tea. I didn't know why you wanted it but what a great wife you are. Tell your sweet hubby I hope he enjoys it.