Sunday, June 29, 2008

My life as a fairy

Just look at these pictures.......... THEY ARE ME

My life as a fairy with my wings, crown, and magic wand.
Thank you so much Patty Now everyone go to
and buy her great stuff and remember she does custom orders. Take that photo of your little one or even you and have it turned into a fairy. NO little ones??? not a problem she has hundreds of fun collage elements for you to pick.

So, first things first. Major Kudos go to this amazing woman named Patty at

She can make any picture into a fairy and the cost well, let's just say A CUP of COFEE from STARBUCKS now who can't afford that?????

She took two baby pictures the only pictures I have of me as a child and made them into fairys. I totally love these.


Susan said...

V, I love these! You were an adorable baby and this is so special to have fairy images of yourself! I expect to see these in your art!

Anonymous said...

V I adore these fairies - yes, I agree that Patty Martin does some fantastic work - I'm off to chat with her about me becoming a "winged woman"!

Nancy Dooren ~ Nans said...

Oh i love these!!! You are a beautiful fairy!!!