Saturday, September 15, 2007


When you are sick you sometimes just reminisce of things past.
Today, my mind went back to ......
Christmas with my Grandma...... how I would always get that pair of embroidered pillow cases.... what I would give for a pair of those now.

My Grandmother's Chess pie..... she always made it for me she knew it was my favorite.

When my Mother actually did love me...... that has been so long ago that I really had to go back to find that memory.

When I actually love my Mom for my Mom even that today is hard for me.

When I believed everything I was told.....

Innocence.... when I never had a worry in my life, that all ended when I turned 8. My life as I knew it was OVER then.

When I was growing up in Canada and my Grandpa was my hero. Every Summer NO matter how hard my life was he knew how to make it better. I was his favorite there was no doubt in my mind. 30 grandkids and I WAS his favorite. When I was 12 he would make my favorite popcorn bread ( corn bread but as a little girl I always called it popcorn bread)
When he taught me how to use a gas motor to steer the boat. When he taught me how to play the piano, when he taught me how to fish and when he taught me that I WAS perfect just as I was.

Memories....sometimes there good and sometimes no so.....


Toni said...

V - My Grandpa Andy was LOVE! I called him Rerun (a nickname from his childhood), he called me 'Smasher' (after I got my driver's license), he was NOT at all demonstrative but he hugged me! I love everything you wrote here. I have one question: WHAT is chess pie? I heard of that in the movie Ruby in Paradise & didn't know, then, either.

twinsand2boys said...

I was wondering the same thing as Toni...what is Chess pie?

Sounds like some good memories and maybe some not so good memories.

Have a fun vacation V!

Anonymous said...
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